How to convert and compress images

Convert to jpg :

```shell script cd assets/images magick image.png baie-kerogan.jpg

### Compress jpg : 
```shell script
cd assets/images
magick baie-kerogan.jpg -strip -interlace Plane -gaussian-blur 0.05 -quality 85% baie-kerogan.jpg

Resize jpg :

```shell script cd assets/images convert baie-kerogan.jpg -resize 50% baie-kerogan.jpg

## Create thumbnails :
```shell script
cd assets/images
mogrify  -format jpg -path thumbnails -thumbnail 600x600 *.jpg
mogrify  -format png -path thumbnails -thumbnail 150x150 *.png
mogrify  -format jpg -path thumbnails/projets -thumbnail 600x600 projets/*.jpg
mogrify  -format jpg -path thumbnails/partenaires -thumbnail 400x400 partenaires/*.jpg
mogrify  -format jpg -path thumbnails/actualites -thumbnail 400x400 actualites/*.jpg